Campaign Goals

Area Beautification

Just in Ward 6 alone, there are several properties that have been abandoned and/or over grown. A few of these properties have dangerous structures that have been left wide open with potential for fatal injury. These need to be addressed immediately

Road Surfaces

Multiple intersections and roads have had terrible potholes and surfaces for many years. Some areas continue to sink and just get repaved over. Small, insufficient repairs have been made. Some of these are right in the middle of crosswalks! Not only are our vehicles getting abused but there is potential for people to get hurt as well.

A Flag on Every Pole

Some years back, Commissioner Zappone in Ward 9 started an idea to display our nations flag on utility poles through his ward. The idea has become popular and brings a sense of pride to the entire neighborhood. Use the contact form to get more information about becoming a block captain to help with your street.

Traffic Control

Recent modifications to some intersections have left us baffled. Who designed them and why? A new traffic study needs to be done for a few intersections to make them safer for motorists and pedestrians.